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Bridge to Nowhere Photos
The "Curve" Fire
September 1, 2002

The following photos were taken on a hike I did to the "Bridge to Nowhere". While showing some people the inside of the old tunnel behind the bridge, a brush fire broke out in the main San Gabriel (or Azusa) Canyon. This fire became known as the "Curve" fire and burned for 3 - 4 days, destroying over 70 cabins up in the canyon. Myself and a few other hikers were the last ones out of the East Fork Canyon and it made for a very interesting hike down out of the canyon with the fire looming behind us.

The group I took inside the Bridge to Nowhere tunnel.

Inside the Bridge to Nowhere tunnel.

My first view of the Azusa Canyon Fire after coming out of the tunnel.

View of the Azusa Canyon Fire after crossing back over the bridge.

The brushfire getting a little more intense.

KABC TV Newsman/Cameraman interviewing other hikers that got out of the canyon with me.

An image of my KABC Channel 7 TV News interview taken off our TV.

View from my house of the "pyro-cumulus" clouds from the Curve fire after getting home.

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