Mt. San Jacinto
Elevation 10,834'

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Mt. San Jacinto - Elev 10,834'


Mt. San Jacinto, at an elevation of 10,834' is one of tallest mountains in Southern California. The above photo of the mountain is a view of its Northeastern face taken from Highway 111 just outside of Palm Springs, CA. This Website is a description of the Round Valley Trail in which you get to the trailhead by taking the Palm Spring Tramway to the 8,516' "Mountain" station.

The roundtrip distance from the Mountain Station trailhead to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto is approximately 10 miles. At an easy pace, it takes about 6 hours up and 3 1/2 hours down. The trail itself is not technically difficult but the altitude and the distance do make it a challenge. Anyone attempting to hike all the way to the summit should be in moderately good shape and be properly equipped (especially water). Another very important factor, if you are planning to go all the way to the summit, is the time when you start your hike. On weekends, the first tramway gondola up is at 8:00 AM and the last gondola down leaves Mountain Station at 9:45 PM. So, make sure you start back down from the summit no later than 5:30PM. Click on the Palm Springs Tramway link above for the complete Tramway "Hours of Operation" schedule and current ticket prices.

An alternative day hike that would be moderately easy for most people is to Wellman Divide where the Pacific Crest Trail, coming up from Idyllwild, joins the Round Valley trail. The roundtrip distance to Wellman Divide is about 6 miles and the views from there are breathtaking. Another option would be an easy hike (about 2 miles round trip) past Hidden Lake to the Desert View Lookout (see Green trail on Topo © trail map below). This hike takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, at an easy pace, and at Desert View, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the Palm Springs valley below.

For current trail conditions, call (760) 327-0222. For General Tramway Information, call (760) 325-1391 / (888) 515-8726.


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Mt. San Jacinto Hike Thumbnails

Valley Station

Tramway Gondola

Mike, Leslie & Katie

Long Valley Creek

Wellman's Divide

Lodge Pole Pines

Hiker's Cabin near Summit

Scout Troop #623

At the Summit

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