Bridge to Nowhere
East Fork San Gabriel River

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Click on the above picture for a Google Maps © satellite view of the bridge

This web page contains pictures and descriptions of a dayhike I hosted for fellow Bergen Brunswig employees 5 miles up the East Fork of the San Gabriel River to the "Bridge to Nowhere".

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Basic Hike Info:

Topo Maps: Glendora, Crystal Lake, Mt. San Antonio. Click here for a Topo © generated trail map (print in portrait orientation)
Season: Mid May thru December (Depending on snowmelt runoff)
Distance: 10 miles roundtrip, 1,000 ft elevation gain.
Hike Time: 3 to 3 1/2 hours from trailhead to bridge, at an easy pace and about 2 1/2 hours back.

Directions to Trailhead:

Off the 210 FWY in Azusa, take the Azusa Ave offramp and head North, towards the mountains. Continue North for about 2 miles until you come to the last intersection before entering Azusa Canyon, this will be Sierra Madre Ave.. On the left will be a Stop N Go convenience store (see Orange Teardrop) where you can purchase an Angeles Forest Adventure Pass which is required to park at the trailhead. Adventure Passes can also be purchased at the ranger station about a mile further up Azusa Ave but it doesn't open until 9AM. Continue up Azusa Canyon for about 10 miles, past the two reservoirs, until you come to the intersection of the East Fork Road. Turn right on the bridge over the Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) area and continue on for about 6 miles. The road ends in the Coyote Flats parking lot (See photo below), which has bathroom facilities. The trail starts just beyond a large yellow gate on the east side of the parking lot. Click here for a Google Maps © view of the trailhead parking lot (See Green Hiker Teardrop on map).

Special notes about this hike:

There are about 5 river crossings along the first part of the trail so be prepared to get a little wet. The best time to do this hike is late spring, early summer. Too early in the Spring, the river can be running too strong for a safe crossing, especially the first couple of crossings. Be sure to bring plenty of water (at least 3 bottles) unless you have a portable water filter. Even though there is plenty of water in the river and it looks clean, it is not advisable to drink it.

The trail itself follows the remnants of a roadway that the Army Corps of Engineers was attempting to build in the 1930's as an alternative route to the high desert than Angeles Crest Highway. However in the Spring of 1938 a massive rainstorm (more than 12" in less than 24 hours) hit the San Gabriel Mountains and the resulting flood wiped out nearly all the road work. It has been estimated that nearly a hundred feet of water was flowing thru the gorge spanned by the bridge and it was only the height of the bridge span (150') that saved it.

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