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WAMU TSG Day Hike to Echo Mountain
February 28, 2004

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On February 28, 2004, Noel Drorian, Bhushan Gadgil and Don Johnson, all hardy members of the Washington Mutual Technology Solutions Group, joined me on a day hike to the Echo Mountain Resort Ruins located in the San Gabriel Mountains overlooking the Cities of Altadena and Pasadena, California.

In the above photo, Don, Bhushan and Noel are standing next to the bullwheel that was used to pull cable cars up the inclined railway from Rubio Canyon to the Echo Mountain Resort.

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WAMU Echo Mountain Day Hike Thumbnails

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Bhushan, Don & Bob on Echo Mtn Trail Don & Bhushan on trail to Echo Mountain Noel Drorian - Day Hiker Bhushan, Noel & Don at Echo Mtn Ruins
Bhushan Gadgil and Electric Trolley Bob Dollins with JPL behind him Echo Mountain Boxers Noel, Bhushan & Don - Echo Mtn Ruins monument

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LA Skyline from Echo Mountain Inspiratin Pt Ramada from Echo Mountain Don Johnson - Castle Canyon Trail Don Johnson's first view of Inspiration Pt. Ramada
Don Johnson at Inspiration Pt. Ramada Bob & Don at Inspiration PT Ramada

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